Case Management Recruiter offers a complete set of recruitment and placement associated services to meet the needs of our clients and candidates. 

Case Management Recruiter division focuses on two main recruitment types:

  1. Permanent Placement/Direct Hire
  2. Interim Placement/Consulting

We offer search services to both employers and candidates based on their individual needs.

Hiring Manager/Client Perspective:

In today's busy environment, resources are stretched thin. Conducting a thorough search takes time and valuable manpower. However, it makes sense to choose from the very best available talent. The Case Management Recruiter division networks with Case Management professionals all day, every day; we provide Case Management talent that more than likely will not respond to your job ads. Basically, we deliver the best passive talent available. We conduct the following types of searches based on your specific needs:

  • Retained Search
  • Engaged Search
  • Contingency Search

Employee/Candidate Perspective:

To candidates, we offer career advancement search strategies. In this type of search, we act as your agent or representative and help you identify career opportunities. Most busy professionals do not have the time to conduct a search to further their career objectives; nor do they want the exposure of someone discovering their openness to opportunity. The Case Management Recruiter division offers a search alternative where we confidentially look for a better opportunity, based on your pre-disclosed search criteria, saving you time and possible unwanted exposure. Rest assured- we will not release your name without your prior permission. 

There is no charge for our services!

Please call Otie Pruett at 800-568-0828 ext.109 or email and she will answer any questions or gladly provide you with further assistance.

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